Front Row provides fast, affordable musical instrument insurance for music professionals who are Canadian residents and members of select music associations. 

Insuring your instruments with Front Row is an easy and simple process that will leave you feeling confident your instruments and equipment are protected in the event of an insured loss. An affordable and comprehensive musical instrument insurance package is waiting for you by following a few simple online steps. Many music professionals rely on Front Row for their coverage. We offer the advantage of one-stop shopping with low rates, flexible options, and excellent service. Coverage includes Theft, Breakage and Fire.

Why is Front Row’s custom insurance for musicians the Industry best?

  Front Row Other Programs
No Minimum Premium Yes No
Worldwide Equipment Coverage Territory Yes Yes
Automatic $10,000 Office Contents Coverage, including Valuable Papers & Accounts Receivable Yes extra charge
$10,000 of coverage for Borrowed Instruments/Equipment for up to 30-days Yes No
Automatic Inflation Guard on Instrument values Yes No
$10,000 of coverage for newly acquired Instruments/equipment for up to 30-days Yes Yes
Commercial General Liability is available on a stand-alone basis Yes No
Full Coverage for Earthquake & Flood Yes No
Automatic Business Income / Extra Expense Coverage Yes No

My musical instruments and equipment have been insured with Globalex/Front Row Assurance for 10+ years. After a fire completely destroyed the restaurant I was working in, and in which I lost all my substantial gigging set-up, I was able to re-equip myself and get back to work. If I hadn't been insured, I would have lost my gear, and I'd be out of work. Let's hope it never happens to you.

Sylvain Lavoie Pianist, composer, and producer, Studio La Sly Room